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EMDR Intensive

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EMDR was a life changing experience. At one of the most difficult times in my life, this treatment plan was offered as an option and I couldn’t be more grateful for the positive outcome it had in my life. Anthony was excellent and offered a safe, compassionate environment for treatment. If you’re wondering should I, the answer is yes, you’ll be so glad you did.

Intensive Client April 2024

"My experience with EMDR Intensive helped me process feelings and memories from the past and I am so grateful I did the full weekend intensive"

Intensive Client March 2024

What is an EMDR Intensive?

Our program is designed for those that struggle to get into a weekly session due to hectic schedule, failed attempts at weekly one hour therapy sessions in the past, those that have experienced recent traumatic event, and those that have a desire to obtain accelerated healing and symptom reduction.  EMDR Intensive program is a total of 14 hours with 12 face to face hours condensed into two days.  Our program offers both weekday and weekend options.  EMDR Intensive program is a concentrated way to get the power of EMDR Therapy without having time between sessions. EMDR Intensive program is comparable to nine to twelve months of weekly one hour therapy sessions.

Who does our EMDR Intensive help?

Our EMDR Intensive program  is designed and led by W. Anthony Burchette, who is EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist, who has specialised training to help those who are Survivors of sexual trauma, have experienced domestic volience, experiencing complicated grief, Military Service/Police Officer/Firefighter/First Responder, painful childhood experiences, and relational struggles.  We provide in person EMDR Intensive to individuals in the state of North Carolina based on our state licences. Our intensive program utilizes our Pet Therapy team of Askari and Obi.

Why do an EMDR Intensive?

If you have a strong desire to experience deep change and the traditional model has not provided the results you want.  If you had a painful experience in the past and it is still impacting you today.  You are looking at the future and want to change how you handle and react to certain situations, need help with regulation of emotions, and looking to make stronger and longer lasting relationships in the future that are now impacted by reactions caused by past events.  If you have had a recent traumatic experience.  

How does it work?

Prior to the EMDR Intensive, we meet for pre-intensive interview to determine the goals you have for the program.  We will look at your current coping skills, your current support system, what is presenting currently that you are seeking relief from, and areas you want to grow in.  During the EMDR Intensive we will aim to make painful "stuff" in your life hurt less in the present moment, and aim to increase the positive "stuff".  We use a combo of audio, handheld tappers, and hand motion bilateral stimulation with Guided Imagery, Inner Child Part Work, DBT, and Meditation during the intensive processing.

"Doing the Intensive was life changing for me.  I was struggling with work, home life, nightmares, alcohol, and flashbacks from serving in the Army.  It was difficult but Anthony made it my space, my time, and it was worth it all"

Intensive March 2024

"I put off therapy for so long with the excuss I can't find a therapist, I don't have time with my busy schedule, or once a week will never cover everything I have going on.  Anthony made the weekend schedule work for me, and it put me further ahead than any therapy I have ever done."

Intensive Client February 2024

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Step One

Pre-Intensive Interview

  • A 60-minute session to determine the goals of the intensive program for you and prepare for the experience. We will identify the painful memories, negative beliefs, strong emotions, negative body sensations, which you are seeking relief.

Step Three

Customized Treatment program

  • The EMDR Intensive sessions take place at our office in Greensboro, NC and scheduled Includes targeted treatment and resourcing activities customized for you.


14 Hour EMDR Intensive

  • Total Cost $3,000 Weekend

  • Most Insurance will not cover

  • 50% deposit upon scheduling and remaining balance at start of the first program day.

  • 1 hour intensive interview, 2 days of 6 hours of processing, 1 hour follow up

Step Two

Personalized treatment workbook

  • You will receive and complete personalized workbook that includes assessments and activities to prepare for the intensive.  The workbook will be used for tracking results and goals during the program as well.

Step Four

Post-Intensive Follow Up

  • Complete follow up session to debrief the experience and reflect on areas of insight, relief, and transformation.  Discuss continued support through your own therapist or one on our team as needed to promote continued growth and healing.


5 Hour EMDR Intensive

  • Total Cost $1,000

  • Most Insurance will not cover

  • 50% deposit upon scheduling and remaining balance at start of the three hour processing session.

  • 1 hour intensive interview, 1 day of 3 hours of processing, 1 hour follow up

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